Wednesday 29 August 2012

Unique Pop-Up Event Diner en Blanc comes to London

An exciting unique, flash mob pop-up event, Dîner en Blanc is coming to London for the first time on 20 September 2012. This flash mob started 24 years ago in Paris, and is now an annoyal affair growing to as large as 14,000 diners. This event is organised entirely via social media, and is always set in public with a backdrop of the most legendary monuments around the world. All guests are asked to dress in white, bring their own banquets, tables, chairs, glasses, silverware and white table linen. The secret picnickers then come together for a “chic picnic” in a public space. Over the course of the evening, attendees will celebrate and dine amid live music and dancing. When it is time to leave, guests pack their dinnerware and tables before leaving, with no sign of the gathering left behind.

The guest list will be limited to 1,442 people for the undisclosed location. The event has taken place in outdoor public spaces in 20 cities across five continents this summer, including Paris, New York, Berlin, Montreal, Boston and Singapore. I think this sounds a fabulous idea! Will you be attending?


  1. wow I'd love to give it a go! xx

  2. So excited about this coming to London!!

  3. Would love to go with you, but I'll be in Barcelona then :( x x

  4. In Paris, it used to be one of the most expected events :)


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