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Finger Painting by Daniel Galvin

Daniel Galvin OBE is renowned for being the ‘King of Colour'. During the 60s he invented ‘Crazy Colour', he modernised the highlighting industry with his ‘Brickwork' technique and throughout the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has been continually developing his art by coming up with new, innovative ways of creating the perfect hair colour.
Daniel Galvin
2012 marks 35 years of business for Daniel Galvin and his Marylebone salon and to celebrate this, Daniel has launched a revolutionary new way of colouring the hair called 'Finger Painting' which is a free-flowing, effortless look to embrace natural beauty produced by gradually coaxing and teasing the colour through the middle to the tips of the hair with the fingers rather than applying the colour using combs and brushes and baking it in foils.

Using a specially prepared formula Daniel lifts the colour that already lies within the natural pigment of the hair, producing a hue that is a few shades lighter than the original and thus delivering a soft, uncontrived effect. Similarly, the finger weaving produces a gentle, more unaffected appearance, avoiding harsh, angular foil lines.

Lucy Holbrook

I visited Daniel at his Marylebone flagship salon last week to be 'finger painted' and it is without doubt the nicest hair salon I have had the pleasure of visiting! The salon is huge inside and situated on two floors, with beautiful decor, features a waterfall (!) down the staircase, a clock room, bar and chill out area. The salon has a lovely atmosphere, very busy and has a good buzz but yet relaxing at the same time. The staff were warm and friendly and you are treat very much like part of the family-run business.  

On arrival after a quick chat with Daniel and my coat and bag left in the clock room, I was taken to the basin where by my hair was washed only using conditioner whilst the colourist Lucy Holbrook prepared and mixed the colour. Lucy has been working for over 15 years as a colourist for Daniel so I felt relaxed and in capable experienced hands. Daniel was extremely friendly and was on hand to answer any questions I had and made me feel very welcome. He explained that the technique looks much more natural than harsh lines you get with dip dying or the ombre effect. Daniel also said that the finger painting effect suits hair when it has movement and texture in rather than flat and straight.

Lucy applied the colour using her fingers and massaged randomly throughout – I was surprised at how little time the colour took to take – less than 10 minutes. Normally I would be sat with foils in for at least 40 minutes! My hair was then shampooed and a treatment was popped on for 15 minutes. I must admit my hair wasn’t in great condition as the ends were quite split, straggly and damaged as it had been a while since I had been for a trim. Normally just after having my hair coloured or bleached my hair tends to feel quite dry, especially the ends. However, my hair felt AMAZING afterwards the ends felt healthier, thicker and this was before I had it cut!! I believe it was Daniel Galvin treatment that was used – which I would definitely recommend if your hair is dry/damaged! The Daniel Galvin products are free from SLS, parabens, silicone oils, petrochemicals and polymers, so it wasn’t any of that silicone coating tricking me into thinking my hair felt so amazing!       
James Galvin
I was then taken downstairs to have my hair cut and blow-dried by Daniel's Son, the lovely James Galvin, who was very warm, friendly and chatty - none of the usual awkward hairdresser chat. The stations are very spacious and tidy, and I noticed there are iPads on offer, a food and drinks menu and there is Wi-Fi throughout the salon. I was offered a coffee and selection of magazines whilst I waited. I was very impressed with the cut and blow dry – lots of movement, bouncy soft waves and volume was created. After the cut my hair felt and looked longer – which makes no sense as at least half an inch was cut off. It’s funny since I had the cut, I have had several people ask if my hair has grown as it looks longer! 



My experience at the salon was very much personalised, and I was thrilled with the end result and the finger painting technique - I have never had so many compliments over my hair before! I was introduced to a couple of girls that worked in the Salon that had also had their hair finger painted. If you have darker hair then red looked a fabulous contrast! I was kindly given a bottle of Daniel's Shampoo & Conditioner to use at home to look after my precious new locks which I shall be reviewing once I have given them a good test. If you are after a treat and luxurious surroundings I would definitely recommend you visit Daniel Galvin’s Salon as you will be well looked after. 

Daniel Galvin
58-60 George Street, London, W1U 7ET.

What do you think to my new hair?
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