Saturday 14 January 2012

Guerlain Noir G Mascara

Guerlain has launched a revolutionary new Mascara Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete. It is the first premium refillable mascara complete with an integrated mirror. I must admit I am a bit of a Mascara snob and there are very few cheaper high street mascaras I have tried that have work for me, I would rather spend a bit more and get a better quality mascara such as YSL that makes my lashes look fuller and false lash-like. In the past I have not dabbed much with Guerlain but I was very excited to hear about the new Guerlain offering as it ticks all the boxes for me - volume, ultra black, luxurious, nicely scented and chic packaging.  

The mascara tube features innovative sleek and luxurious packaging with a mirror that pops open when you pull on the case. The mirror is very handy is your on the move or travelling and trying to pack lightly. It echoes their Jewel Lipstick compact with the rounded body and mirror. Guerlain Noir G promises to give your lashes intense drama and volume. 

The formulation is lengthening, volumising and curling and it contains Artemia Salina, a extract to help regenerate lashes by stimulating natural keratin. It uses Ultra Black pigments to give the most dramatic colour possible without smudges, clumps or smears. I love the scent of YSL mascaras, and the Noir G has a lovely scent of jasmine, white musk, rose and peach which makes it feel even more luxurious.  

The bullet is quite heavy and from first glance looks nothing like a mascara but I like the packaging and the in built mirror is very handy! It takes a little while to get used to the packaging, you have to slightly pull upwards the top of the bullet for the mascara wand to pop out and the mirror to open then twist the mascara wand to detach and apply the mascara. To close, simply twist the mascara wand back into the bullet, until you hear a click, close the mirror and push the wand down until the clip clicks. The packaging is very secure and there is no chance of it leaking in your bag. 

The mascara was lightly scented of rose and left my lashes curly, false lash-like and were not crispy but felt moisturised.  Although this mascara is pricey due to the packaging, it is refillable and eco-friendly! I hope that more companies decide to make eco-friendly makeup and beauty products as there is so much waste in packaging. 

Guerlain Noir G Mascara is priced at £35 and available exclusively at Harrods from 16th January 2012 and Selfridges, John Lewis from 1st February 2012. Are you a fan of Guerlain? 


  1. Sangat menarik postingannya... selalu sukses

  2. This is so cool! I must check this out next time at NM...I love your blog btw (found you on bloggers). I'm beauty-obsessed so reading your blog is like crack LOL I'm now following on google and bloglovin!

    xo Stephanie
    honey & silk blog
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  3. Comes with a mirror and is refillable? Now that's some great innovative thinking from the Guerlain folks. Must try!

  4. This looks soo cool! i love it i blogged about it before hehe
    following you xx

  5. I love Guerlain products even though they are a bit pricey..will defo check this out.

    Have a look at my blog :-)

  6. Absolutely love this product lovely!! do drop by @ my blog if u like :))



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