Monday 23 January 2012

Trend: Lip Appliqués

A huge fashion makeup trend at the moment is Lip Appliques or known as temporary Lip tattoos or transfers. If you are quite experimental with your makeup, these are great to transform your pout and make a statement with polka dot design, animal print or even glitter! Lady Gaga is never one to shy away from experimenting and she was seen rocking blue glitter lips at a recent event, Jessie J was seen with union jack lips, Kelly Rowland was seen playing with animal print and even Kim Kardashian has been rocking checkered Lip Appliques!   

What do you think of this wacky trend? Would you wear Lip Appliques?


  1. Lip Appliqués: I think they look stunning. Well, some designs better than others. But I just find them pretty from an artistic point of view, for a photoshoot, editorial composition, catwalk and I don't think they will be practical. Can you actually perform all routine operations with that on your lips: eating, driking, kissing, erm, blowing ... the candles on a birthday cake ;)
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. I got some for new year, I got red glitter and gold glitter. I decided to wear the gold as new year was the only time i could get away with it and they looked ACE. Not way over the top, the red you could wwear on a night out and look good. think the patterns are for special occasions.

  3. i love these, i'm planning to use them in one of my photography projects


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