Friday 20 January 2012

Quick Update

Hey just thought I'd post a quick update to let you all know what I've been up the last 2 days. I was in London again to be interviewed but there has been wires cross somewhere as it turned out I was put forward for a directors role! I left the interview and saw a Hot Desk driving down the road...I wasn't going mad there is picture evidence below! I had my hair 'finger painted' by Daniel Galvin and my hair cut and blow dried by Daniel's Son James - the salon was amazing and my review shall be coming very soon! I attended a Decleor / Macdonald Hotels event to find out more about their new ultimate treatment which I can hopefully tell you more about soon - I worked for Macdonalds hotels for 6 years when I was younger so it's quite funny how things change! 
Starbucks Gingerbread Latte
Hot Desk driving down Liverpool St!
My Hair after being finger painted at Daniel Galvin
The Hot Desk in the paper!
On the evening I took part in a slow motion video campaign for The Sun Newspaper where I was 'working' in a hairdressers in East London. We were fashionably late as usual, after being stuck in traffic and then driving around in circles trying to find the Bleach Salon! It was nice to finally meet Kellie from Big Fashionista Blog, Muhsine from Bubblegarm Blog and some new blogging faces. We didn't finish filming until after 11pm and afterwards my friend took me on a tour of London to find somewhere to have our tea (we finally ate at midnight!).....not sure who's idea it was to stay up til 6am drinking Vodka ;) 

Kellie & I being filmed for The Sun
Stole this picture from Kellie's Twitter...hope she doesn't mind! ;)
Having hair and makeup done at BLEACH Salon, East London
Yesterday I dropped in to see the lovely Glam Media girls had a nice long chat and on the way to the New CID blogger Event I popped in to the Top Secret pop up event which was lovely! I had a nice chat with the PR and the event organisers enjoyed a cupcake, coffee and had the most amazing Thai Massage! The masseur stretched and clicked me in different positions and it did hurt at times but afterwards I felt amazing he got rid of all my knots and gave me some tips on helping with my back pain! 

Coffee & Cupcakes at Top Secret Event
At the New CID bloggers makeup event we saw a sneak peak of all their lovely new makeup - light-up nail polishes that are all named after deserts, light-up lipsticks, new foundations and primer. It was lovely to see Victoria (Vixpo) and Louise (aka Sprinkle of Glitter) again and we went for a Nandos before getting the train back up north. I certainly crammed a lot in to make the 8 hour round trip worthwhile and didn't get home til midnight so have to say I'm very tired today as didn't get much sleep the past few days!

Nails painted at last night's New CID Blogger Event
Also THANK YOU for everyone that's voted for me for the Marie Claire Twitter/Blogger Awards really appreciate that today is the last day to vote

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  1. Woah, you certainly managed to cram in a lot in the past few days. Where do i start?
    The picture of you and kellie is really nice. Your make up is really nice. Loving the new id polish colour: has it a light shimmer in it or is the finish just creme?
    I didnt realise your hair (daniel galvin piccie) was so long. wow!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. Thanks hun! I did the makeup but they added foundation, blusher and lipstick all by MAC. The polish is creamy no shimmer taken on my iphone so not the best quality! That was after I had my hair cut it's grown but that's because I hadn't had it cut for ages! x

  2. Oh wow, that all sounds like lots of fun ( except being put forward for the wrong role ) ! Glad you had a fab time !

  3. Hair looks fab! Also loving the look from the Sun filming ;)x

  4. Your hair looks awesome!!
    And the Hot Desk driving down the road is so random, lol!
    - A

  5. Oh wow you've been up to so much and it all seems quite fun :) I love the colour of your nails and so jealous of you getting a massage!!!

    Gem x

  6. Of course I don't mind :-D
    Wow, didn't realise you had been so busy Hun, sounds exhausting. I can't wait to see the ad.

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