Wednesday 25 January 2012

Superdrug Nail Art Pens

Nail Art just got a whole lot easier with Superdrug's new Nail Art Pens as part of the finishing Touches range. The range has been developed to not only allow everyone to indulge their creative side, but also to be easy to use. I think they have missed a trick though not bringing out a black or white shade though? Hopefully I shall be able to try these out before and tell you my thoughts before they launch in April.

Finishing Touches Nail Art Pen will be available at Superdrug in pink or silver priced at £4.99 (special price of £3.99 until 8th May) and are set to launch in April. Do you enjoy Nail Art?


  1. totes keeping an eye out for these... :)

  2. ooh that is interesting, i think you're right though a black and white option would have been ideal! Cheap though and hopefully more might be added if it is a hit. I can honestly say I haven't dabbled in nail art for some time so do worry it'd end up looking like my 4yo had scribbled on me if i attempted it, but so cheap its worth a go

  3. I have a Sally Hansen one that is similar! Congrats on the Marie Claire shortlist!

    Have you heard about the Valentine's Blog Swap? Would love you to sign up!

  4. Ooh, interesting! On a cosmetics blog I follow, they were showing how to use liquid eyeliners to decorate nails, finished off with a protective coat of clear polish. I wonder whether these will need a layer over the top? If so, there are cheaper alternatives in mnay other shades...

    I will look out for your review!

  5. These are rubbish, trust me. I bought the silver one in Superdrug for £5.00. It was perfectly fine when I put it on but the day after it was chipped! A rip-off for such an expensive price. Do not waste your money... the cashier didn't even let me exchange it or refund it. Don't waste your time or money. I suggest the Barry M. ones. They might be expensive but at least they are worth the price.


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