Sunday 25 October 2009

Katie Price Standing Out Style Book Review

Im not embarrased to admit im a fan of Katie Price, even though i think some of her jordan outfits are horrendous, i love her hair and makeup and dresses she wears for red carpets so i bought her lastest style book 'Standing Out' last week as it was on offer half price in Tesco for £10 instead of the usual £20. I personally wouldnt call Katie Price/Jordan a style queen but was a fun read overall. I have to admit its an easy read it didnt take me long to get through as its mainly full of pictures but is nice to read with a cuppa tea! Perfectly girly read!

In the introduction Katie says its not a book telling people how to dress, it just tips to give you idea on how to stand out, and tells fans what her favourite things are.... It's written in a chatty style, with lovely glossy pictures and pages, I loved the look of the book and the pictures!

I have got the Victoria Beckham fashion book too and found Jordans book to be similar, however not as detailed. The major flaw with Katie's book is that she doesnt go into detail on where she buys outfits from or what brands of products or makeup she uses. I like how Katie isnt afriad to be honest and say what she thinks but I thought she was quite catty and bitchy in some parts in this book – making digs at people she doesn’t like....didnt think that was very grown up and there was no need in it as this is suppost to be a style book!

She does give some cool tips and information into what she likes and some products but to be honest in was hoping for more information on the exact products she uses and she could of written next to each photo where her clothes were from. Since she is best friends with her MUA she could of listed the exact products she uses or what shops she gets her hair extensions, wigs, clothes from. A directory at the end with all her favourite places to shop would of been helpful. I did notice a print error too lol - there is a section with her favourite nail varnish colours and there is one photo that doesnt match up with the nail colour!

Overall it is a good fun read and the photos are so girly but i was expecting more in depth information into where she buys things from and exact products she uses to achieve makeup and hair looks.

Have you read this book, what did you think? Are there any other style books you would recommend for me to read?

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  1. Does she say which nail polish she wears most often?? I love that bright pastel pink shade that she wears a lot on her show and i want to know what it is now so i can get it lol

  2. I LOVE HER and i LOVE her book. she is a very inspirational woman, she is an amazing mother lovely post did you tweet the link to her? she often looks at them xx


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