Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ardell Lashes V's MAC

I was really pleased to receive some ardell lashes to try. I have tried the Ardell brown demi whispies and the black versions in the past and really loved them. In my opinion they are very comparable to MAC or Shu Uemura in quality and style but much cheaper! I absolutely love false lashes and prefer a more natural one through the day and more dramatic one for night-time. None of the lashes come with eyelash glue and the packaging is very basic but i find the best eye lash glue is DUO adhesive. Im not keen on the Ardell packaging – it looks very cheap! I find this type of packaging makes the lashes difficult to store safely afterwards – i much prefer the sturdy plastic boxes with lids that come with the MAC lashes.
I got sent 5 sets – Runway lashes Claudia in black – very much like the Girls Aloud Kimberly lashes or MAC No 7. Very natural and Long Lashes - lovely perfect for day time or bring out a smokey out more for night time.

Fashion lashes 110 natural in black –very fine and natural looking. The lashes look so as they have tapered ends and look so soft and feathery. Depends on what you're looking for but I think Ardell make great quality lashes, they tend to have a thin band which I actually think is easier to work with especially if you're new to applying false lashes (as opposed to Shu Uemura, which I also love, but they have a much thicker band and thus you need to be more precise) and these are on par with MAC but much cheaper.

Fahsion glamour 103 in black – these look very much like the girls aloud sarah lashes – dramatic for night time wear.

Ardell Fashion lashes made from 100% human hair – 120 demi in black. I have tried this before and they look great on, very natural and are very similar to MAC No. 36 lashes. These are my favourite ones, they look so real its hard to tell your wearing falsies.

Has anyone got any tips to storing lashes that don’t come with a small storage box like these?


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  2. Why I have to just say that I think these lashes really bring out your features in such a dynamic manor and make you look absolutely fabulous!! x

  3. Which ones are your fave? They look gorge! I'm a newbie to false lashes, i was trying to put the elf ones on tonight = total failure lol! Can't seem to do it. x

  4. I like the whispie ones they look natural :)

  5. i have the elf ones too ill do a post on those too!

  6. Ooh they look great in that pic! Did you put mascara on after you apply them or just leave them as they come? xx

  7. those are brilliant lashes thanks for sharing :) x

  8. i put mascara on before applying the lashes then sometimes i put a little on afterwards too, to blend them. hope this helps - ive just posted another blog with some top tips!

  9. where do u buy these lashes in stores? and also in your opinion what are the best lashes u have used that come from stores like taget, walmart, walgreens, or even beauty brands?


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