Friday 9 October 2009


Nailene contacted me after reading my blog posts about nails and kindly sent me a few sets of fake stick on nails to try out ! I must say i was very impressed with the lovely package that arrived from USA all wrapped up nicely and presented in silver and purple paper tissue and a gift bag. It included 4 sets of nails - 'so real nails', 'so natural nails', 2 different couture runway design nails and a set of bedazzled fashionista nail art stickers.

Tonight I tried out the 'So Real Nails' set which I am extremly pleased with the result - they feel and look very natural. Usually i have found in the past stick on nails feel quite uncomfortable on and are sharp - and look fake as you can see the edges around the cuticles! These nailene nails have a natural fit, and light-weight. The pack comes with 24 nails and everything you need - orange stick, nail buffer and file, nail glue and instructions.

So to begin with I removing my old nail polish - and pushing back the cuticles with the orange stick. Then buff the nail so the nail adheres better to the natural nail.apply glue to the articial nail, apply glue to natural nail -press and hold! Simple as that!

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