Saturday 3 October 2009

NUDE Organic Skincare

I was kindly sent 2 products by NUDE (an organic skincare brand) to try out – the miracle mask and the body polisher. What I like about the brand is that the packaging is made of recycled products which is kind to the environment. I love the velvet feeling packaging – the shape and the colours – muted tones of purples and beiges – gorgeous! It looks very chic in my bathroom :) They are really good sized products however on the pricey side. The products itself – I have heard a lot of hype about this brand so was excited to try it out!

nude miracle mask (40ml, £38)
It literally works in minutes to visibly transform and rejuvenate, leaving you with a glowing complexion. contains a unique blend of mandarin and red ginseng that brightens the skin in minutes. Mandarin extract and natural AHAs exfoliate and purify the skin to freshen the complexion, whilst red ginseng helps boost circulation to encourage increased nutrient flow, cell detoxification and regeneration.

Miracle mask (Helena Christensen’s favourite apparently) – I was surprised to find this ‘mask’ is more like a facial oil when u apply it and it dries on the skin to nothing. I like a mask that you slap on and let it work in usually – I like a thick cream consistency as I feel then its working! The smell was pleasant and not over powering. This mask was very different to my normal masks I use – You can apply the mask for 10 mins then wash off or you can leave it on over night for a treatment and your skin will look like you have had a facial in the morning! My skin was smooth and baby soft and had a nice glow about it after I used this. I’m also surprised as I have not used a exfoliate in about 2 weeks – and I would usually be getting dry flaky skin in patches by now. But I have been using a number of products that I would say are brilliant (but pricey!!)….elemis moisturiser, facial in a jar cleanser (better than eve lom in my opinion and smells a lot nicer!), I have been trying a fruit mask by elemis too. I suppose you get what you pay for with skincare. Trying to drink more water too!

I think when your skin is young you can get away with using cheap products but once you reach your 20s it’s a good investment to pay a bit more for quality products. Saying that my grandma had lovely skin and all she used was soap and water and nivea cream! :0

I would definitely recommend this product!

nude moisturising body polish (200ml, £28)

A completely natural body exfoliator with hibiscus monoi and organic sugar to intensely moisturise the skin from top to toe. Fine sugar granules slowly dissolve in the bath or shower leaving a delicate layer of rich and nourishing monoi that locks in moisture for irresistibly fragrant, silky and smooth skin. Massage onto dry skin and rinse with warm water. Pat dry and smooth nude moisturising body cream into the skin to blend with the nourishing monoi.

I tried the body scrub in the bath last night and it was lovely. It has a pleasant scent. At first I thought the scrub was going to be harsh and scratchy on my skin as it has a hard texture – but once you apply a little with water it just melts onto the skin. I didn’t need to use a lot so the tub would last a while – a little goes a long way. Whereas the cheaper body scrubs you tend to use up very quickly I find coz they are not concentrated and contain a lot of water. Not sure if I would pay that much for a body scrub – since I usually use the sanctuary which is around £10 (but in boots they usually have a 3 for 2 deal on). Although I love the sanctuary one and it leaves my skin super soft as it contains oil if you have fake tan on and its starting to go a bit patchy this scrub doesn’t scrub it off – I think because of the oil it just sits on the skin rather than deep scrubbing.

What I mainly like about these NUDE products are that they contain no harsh chemicals and are made from organic materials which are kinder and less harmful to the skin. Did you realise that 70% of what we put onto our skin through products (containing chemical nasties) are absorbed into our blood stream? Just makes you wonder what that is doing to us?!

I’d be happy to try some other products in the range. Have any of you tried any other of the products in the NUDE range? What would you recommend?

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  1. I must say i'm getting tremendously excited by all this

  2. Great review - I've een trying the eye cream and the age defense moisturiser - the moisturiser is fine, but I love the eye cream - pricey but good xxx

  3. thanks havent tried any of the other products in this range yet :) x


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