Saturday 10 October 2009

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Petting Pink SPF15 Haul

I absolutely love this MAC Lip conditioner SFP 15 i picked up in the shade petting pink a few weeks back. It is really conditioning and leaves a slight tint of pink to the lips - ive been using it alot. Lovely really nice sheen, smells lovely and i find it plumps up the lips! Its nice to wear underneath lipstick to stop your lips drying out or becoming flaky.



  1. I'd be interested to see your thoughts on sleek's lip polishes compared with MAC's lip conditioner...

  2. I havent tried the sleek lip polishes but they look very similar from what ive seen, and same packaging - tho alot cheaper! :)

    have you tried them? x

  3. i'd love to kiss those lips! Yum


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