Tuesday 14 September 2010

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation Review

At the Bourjois event I was lucky enough to try a sneak preview of their new natural foundation launching in October. The new Bio Detox Organic foundation has a formula of 98.8% natural ingredients (21% being organically sourced) and has been certified by Ecocert as an organic cosmetic for a flawless finish. The formula enriched with chlorophyll brings oxygen and filters pollution to purify skin with each application. An anti-imperfection effect that evens out the complexion, lets the skin breathe, smoothing blemishes and lightly mattifying skin.

My first thoughts on the foundation when I tried it on my hand was that it seemed drying on the skin, so I would of imagined this would cling to dry patches on the skin and look terrible. However once blended on the face it’s a whole different story, it does not look dry at all, obviously it has a matt finish but it doesn’t look ‘flaky’ nor cling to dry patches. It does dry quickly to a powdery velvet texture and goes to nothing on the skin so you need to blend and buff quickly.

There are 7 shades to choose from, I selected Shade No. 53 ‘Light Beige’ for a medium skin tone. It has a fresh, fruity scent similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation due to the fragrance of melon, apple and sweet jasmine. It brightened and evened out my skin tone without feeling like I was wearing foundation, I felt like my skin could breathe. I think this would be fabulous for oily skins too. It gives a light coverage, but is buildable but the overall look is still natural and fresh.

Next is the accompanying Bio Detox Organic Concealer which owes its concealing and anti-puffiness performance to the dual action of a massaging roll-on ball applicator and a formula containing 98.8% ingredients of a natural origin, including 14.4% Ecocert-certified ingredients from organic farming. It has anti puffiness properties of horse chestnut extract and light-reflecting pigments to hide dark circles and puffiness. The non-greasy texture lets skin breathe and delivers a lightweight, even coverage for an ultra-natural result. The small metal ball of its roll-on applicator gently massages the eye contour. This massaging action coupled with an ‘ice cube’ effect stimulates micro-circulation of the skin. It produces effective and immediate action on dark circles, puffiness and swollen eyelids. This draining action immediately enhances the eyes. It comes in 2 shades, one for light and medium toned skin, and another for tan and dark skin tones.

Swatches on my hand: Top Foundation and below the concealer 
(Sorry for the picture - Blogger was playing up!)

Cassie Lomas, Celebrity Makeup Artist says ‘Glide the massaging roll-on applicator around the eyes then gently pat the formula with the fingertips to blend well and release the light-reflecting pigments.”

I found the concealer not heavy enough to cover my dark circles, but was ideal for lightly covering any blemishes or red patches on my face. Due to the roller ball it feels very cooling on the skin and lovely to use around the eye area and the scent is the same as the foundation – fresh and fruity. Like the foundation, it provides a light coverage and blends to almost a powder/velvet finish. Its obviously too early to tell if its made a difference to my dark circles but I will be interested to find out if it does.

Foundation and Concealer blended into the skin

Bio Detox Organic foundation is priced at £11.99 and concealer priced at £7.99 both of which are launching in October and available from Boots. Are you a fan of Bourjois Foundations?


  1. i apologize for making a mistake on your review being sponsored. I read it incorrectly. it's probably because you said you tried it at Bourjois event... Not sure what was i thinking at the time. Anyway, I have corrected it my review. Thank you so much for telling me!

  2. hi, no worries
    thanks for correcting x

  3. sounds like a good product and i am willing to try it

  4. sorry i tried this but it was so difficult to
    apply. it began to dry before i had chance
    to blend it properly.

  5. i apply it with a wet songe(i saw this trick on youtube) and it`s awsome!i like it very much!!

  6. hello sorry but i hate this product,its the worst bourjois ever ,i cant even blend it and it dries my face I HATE IT

  7. You do realise the sentence " The formula enriched with chlorophyll brings oxygen and filters pollution to purify skin with each application" is about as false and misleading as advertising can get, right?
    Chlorophyll can't really do anything without the rest of the metabolic machinery inside the plant cell (more specifically the chloroplasts). Also, there is plenty of oxygen in the air to go around without needing to bring more to your skin, especially when you consider that oxygen gets to your cells primarily from your bloodstream, not complex plant molecules that you smear all over yourself. And it certainly won't filter pollution: if you want to "purify" your skin, I suggest a brilliant technological innovation called soap. Whatever cosmetic companies might try and make you believe, it's still what will work best.
    Please, please, please do not be a victim to vacuous advertising buzz words.
    Kind regards,
    a plant biology doctoral student.

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  9. I bought BIO detox foundation from Bourjois in November I hardly use it as I find it very thick -it dries up before its applied - what s more its almost 3/4 gone - even though I may have hardly used it
    compared to my normal foundation MAC it is very uneconomical I paid £11.99 for the Bourjois where as last year I paid £20 for the MAC - which I use everyday & I still have loads left
    Dont buy the bourjois its very disappointing

  10. this is not a 100% organic product, so don't be fooled.

  11. It really is a terrible product. It is chalky, drying, streaky and shows up any dry spots you have on your face. It feels awful to apply,reminded me of how the sound of nails being scratched down a blackboard makes you feel....bit dramatic I know but......dont buy

  12. Actually I suspect that many of you put on too much. Seen as it is an organic foundation with no Silicone it naturally won't blend easily and takes a little time to apply. Once massaged little by little into the skin, it produces a nice effect.It is the least drying foundation without silicone I have experienced so that tells me that you have put too much which is tempting seen as we would normally be used it gliding over our skin. This foundation happens to photograph very well too.

  13. I love this , i have quite oly skin and thinkthis is perfect ... totally worth the money and it matches my skin perfectly :) Great review but i can not help but notice in the picture the bottle is labeled as 52 vanila but you claim you bought 53 light beige ... sorry to be picky but was looking at the swatch in order to re-purchase this product , thankyou xx

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