Friday 3 September 2010

M.A.C to pull Rodarte Makeup Collection

After all the controversy surrounding the M.A.C / Rodarte collaboration in the beauty blogging world, the efforts of the online community coming together to raise the awareness resulting in the promise of M.A.C donating all profits from the collection.

It comes as a shock that M.A.C has announced that they shall not be shipping the Rodarte makeup collection this Fall, inspired by the Mexican town of Juarez. Beauty bloggers united and created an online petition against the collection as many believed it glamorised poverty and violence against women in the factory town. M.A.C responded by offering to donate all profits from the collection to charity to help these women of Juarez.
What are your thoughts on this matter?


  1. So are they not going sell of collection on there website? Is that what they mean by saying they are not going to ship them? Im so happy they are giving all the money to the women of Juarez.

  2. I read in elle canada that they are renaming the products in this collection, so maybe they will release them under something else I have no idea..this whole thing was a major fail on MAC's part.

  3. Thank goodness they won't be selling it. Let's hope they'll never be this stupid again.



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