Wednesday 8 September 2010

Liz Earle New Hair Care Range Review

Skincare guru Liz Earle has just unveiled the brand new exciting hair care range line launched this Autumn. The range contains one shampoo for all hair types and three conditioners: one for oily hair, another for normal locks and one dry/damaged hair. She has brought her skincare approach to the hair care line, so there is just one shampoo to suit all hair types, just like her famous award-winning ‘Cleanse & Polish’ cleanser which is ideal for every skin type.

Liz and her business partner, Kim Buckland, have been working on this hair care range for six years and after testing over 100 different formulas they have finally reached their perfect formula. It has taken this length of time to develop a product containing natural ingredients that performs in the way customers expect a hair care range to from the scent down to the foaming action. I am a big fan of natural products myself, but I have yet to find a good natural shampoo that works well, I usually find they leave my hair dull and lack.

The products do not contain nasty chemicals such as SLS (foaming agent) which Liz explained can be an irritant and can also fade coloured hair. Instead they contain a breakthrough agent, SLMI, which unlike its similar sounding predecessor is derived from coconuts, kind to skin and lathers up well - which is unusual for a natural ingredient. The products are full of bontanicals to add shine, nourish the hair and protect from colour fading. Shea butter is also a key ingredient, responsible for giving hair its natural shine, as well as apple and citrus extracts to perfume the products.

The Botanical Shine Shampoo contains naturally active ingredients such as ‘West African Shea Butter, naturally sourced Vitamin E, naturally derived cleansers to gently clean without stripping to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth.’ Apple and orange extracts restore natural shine, whilst eight essential oils leave hair smelling clean and fresh. Before applying the shampoo to your hair its best to take a small amount of the shampoo with a little water and rub between your palms to activate the foaming agents before applying to the scalp. The scent of the shampoo is fresh and ‘zesty’ with a strong citrus fragrance that lingers nicely on the hair awards and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean.

The Botanical Shine Conditioner for dry damaged hair contains a mix of West African Shea Butter, Blue Seakale, Kenyan Yangu Oil, Apple and Orange extracts. This conditioner shares the same zesty fresh scent as the shampoo and due to the very rich thick creamy consistency it feels very luxurious to apply. My hair instantly felt tangle-free and silky smooth.

Afterwards my hair felt soft and smooth, with healthy looking shine (Do I sound a bit Cheryl Cole there!?). This simple and fuss-free hair range definitely gets a Thumb Up from me, it is reasonably priced, good quality natural products that give great results.

The range is available now at and it has proved to be extremely popular as before the launch date of 2nd September 2010 over 20,000 had already made their reservations! The Shampoo and Conditioner are both priced at £7.50 for 200ml.

Are you a fan of Natural Beauty Products? What are your favourite Liz Earle products?

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