Sunday 5 September 2010

Sept 8th: M&S Customers Clear Out Day to Help Raise £1 Million for Oxfam

Marks & Spencer have joined forces with the Oxfam Charity to reward you for donating your old clothes, which aims to raise £1 million for Oxfam. Nothing to wear, but no room for more? Free up some space and fund next season's style. Keep your unwanted clothes out of landfill and give them a chance of a new life with someone else by bringing the M&S clothes you no longer wear into participating M&S stores on Wednesday 8th September and you'll receive a £5 voucher to spend on a new wardrobe.

The initiative is part of M&S’ involvement in HRH Prince of Wales’ START campaign, designed to help consumers make a start in leading a more sustainable lifestyle. You can sign up here and be reminded of The Wardrobe Clear-Out Day and also find your nearest participating store. Recycling doesn't just help the environment, it also encourages us to make use of things we no longer need and promotes community involvement in the process.
I think more stores should be getting involved in this initiative, do you? 

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