Sunday 5 September 2010

Invisible Bra?

Surgeons are now offering an 'invisible bra' which is worn under the skin. The Internal Bra System is a mesh support which can be inserted instead of implants. The cone-shaped polyester mesh is put under the skin of the breast and attached with stitches to a layer of fat above the breast tissue.
Whatever confidence boost the private procedure brings does, however, come with a hefty price tag of £5,900. Called Breform, the system is similar to that used in hernia operations for 40 years as it supports the new shape, taking the strain off scars and skin.

There are six UK surgeons trained to insert the mesh, which they describe as 'like a bra cup without the straps'.

Do you think this will be popular?

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  1. I have a really hard time finding a bra that is comfortable and doesn't dig into my rib cage, yet still offers nice shape and support. This bra does that!!! It is the most comfortable bra I've worn.


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