Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cheryl Cole New Red Hair Colour

Cheryl Cole showed off a dramatically different red hairdo as she arrived at the X Factor studios yesterday morning. Dressed in basic jeans and a striped T-Shirt, the singer highlighted her new ruby locks with a red bag and nail polish.

While the Girls Aloud star has flirted with the red side in the past it seems she has leapt into her new look with fiery enthusiasm. What is perhaps more unusual is the method the star has used to create this daring do - choosing an at home dye kit instead of a luxury hair salon.

In fact, she achieved her gorgeous shade with none other than L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss in Mahogany. Casting Crème Gloss is a no ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and blends away grey. A total beauty indulgence, for rich, natural-looking colour.

Now you can get the look for less at Savers the health, home and beauty store! From 17th November until 7th December you can bag this brilliant home hair dye for just £4.95! (Normally £5.85 in store).

Cheryl is firmly cemented as a true hair idol and it seems her opinion that reds have more fun is a common theme in Celebville. Rihanna, is currently rocking a vibrant red crop, while Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere and Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson have also dyed their hair red in the past year.
I would love to be able to pull off Red Hair but I have tried and failed in the past :( It just doesnt suit my colouring. What do you think of the red hair trend?
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  1. Cheryl looks fab as always!!!

    I couldn't pull it off either red just doesnt suit me :(

  2. Ugh, not a fan. I think it looks like she did it herself. :( SOrry. x

  3. So what if she did !!!!! I think she looks hot !!! J H

  4. I am not a fan of of this color on her and don't think it suits her either .
    I think she looked better before .
    Maybe some lighter brown highlights mixed with her natural color would be nice .

  5. The hair dye she used is definatly not creme gloss mahogany i've used this dye for a while and it comes out dark brown .. not RED..

  6. My friend has used this dye before and it came out the same colour as cheryl. I think it depends what your natural colour is, casting creme gloss comes out differently on everyone. thats what's so good about it.
    at least then no-one looks the same :)
    I think she looks fab :)

  7. it would make alot more sense to say that she used casting creme gloss in black cherry as this is the same colour.... but mahogany is brown not red x

  8. She definitely didn't use Mahogany to get this colour as the Mahogany isn't red!

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  10. Sangat menarik postingannya... selalu sukses

  11. im dying my hair this colour!!!!

  12. Love how the 3 products work in unisen the shampoo, conditioner and black mist spray to give you touchable soft, shiny and volume hair (BLACKWOOD FOR MEN)


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