Saturday 16 October 2010

Mario Badescu Silver Powder Review

I'd read alot of good reviews (and some bad) on Mario Badescu products. I came across the products in Harvey Nichols by chance as they were tucked away behind some Fake Bake tanning products. I knew I wanted to try the Silver Powder as I have long suffered with blackheads around my nose and I've not found any products that have worked for me.

The lady on the counter was very unhelpful and it became apparant that she had no training on the Mario Badescu range as was unable to answer any questions which didn't fill me with much confidence. I decided to try the Mario Badescu Silver Powder.

First of all I'm not sure why its called 'Silver Powder' as it is white! It promises to be an oil absorbent powder which helps unclog congested pores, and remove excessive, stubborn blackheads promoting a healthier complexion.

The instructions were very vague - 'dip a water dampened cotton ball into the powder then press on clogged area, wait 10 minutes & remove with toner or astringent'. Applying this can be a little messy, I found the best way was to use a lid from an old pot to mix the paste. Depending on how much you dampen the cotton bud you either get a thick paste or a watery thinner layer of the product, anyway I went with the thick paste and hoped for the best.

Removing it after 10 minutes proves difficult, I first of all used toner as advised and was left with a white powder residue then after several attempts I ended up washing and scrubbing my face to remove it completely. Afterwards my nose area did feel as if all the oil had been sucked up, and some blackheads had been removed, however the more stubborn blackheads were still visible.

The Silver Powder costs around £12 (depending on where you buy it from – the cheapest place being I will continue using this treatment twice a week and see if it makes a difference or prevents blackheads appearing in future.

After trying this Silver Powder a couple of times, I much prefer using a charcoal based face mask to remove oil patches, and steaming my face with a hot cloth and using a face scrub to get rid of blackheads I find works a treat! Have you tried any good products for removing blackheads?

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