Monday 25 October 2010

QVC to Launch Dedicated 24 Hour Beauty Channel

The first ever dedicated Beauty Channel is launching tomorrow (Tuesday 26th October) on QVC - giving you 24 hours of premium beauty brands, products and experts every day! 

The new channel - QVC Beauty - will broadcast one hour programmes from QVC’s extensive range of salon and prestige skin care, cosmetics and hair care brands. These will be complied from video clips of the most recent live presentations, enhanced with original content from industry experts and brand personalities.

I quite enjoy watching QVC and can easily spend hours glued to the TV - yet I never buy anything! Am I alone here? Maybe its just the easy watching that gets us hooked? Have to say the beauty items on QVC are the most appealing to me and they do have some great offers - Will this be a good or bad thing for all of us shop-a-holics?


  1. I have to say I can't wait #saddo

  2. I agree about watching and never buying - those QVS women could sell anything! :)

  3. When I lived with my parents and was doing my A-levels, I used to love a bit of QVC on my study afternoons. I've not watched it since then (that was 13 years ago)! I totally can understand how addictive it can be! When I get a day off, I might have to have a watch (my boyfriend would never let me watch it normally)! xx

  4. Sounds like heaven. I often watch the web version of the beauty channel (as well as the regular channel) but it would be better to see it live!

    I get loads of stuff from QVC *Radley purse groaning at the thought of imminent purchases* so I shall look forward to having a watch. I think it's awesome that you can buy something, try it and if it doesn't suit you, send it back for a refund. How many times have you bought beauty stuff that you wish you could return? I've sent back a few bits and there has never been any problem with getting a refund. I'll be tuning in ;o)

  5. I didnt know that Leanne! interesting...good thing i suppose!

  6. I always think its a good place to try new beauty items. Because if I don't like them, back they go! Problem is, that I find lots of things that I like!! lol


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