Tuesday 12 October 2010

Eyeko Petite Polish (for French nails)

Today's Nail of the Day are Eyeko's Petite Polish (for french nails). I had an interview today so wanted my nails to be neautral but still looked polished and fresh. Petite polish is a delicate and shiny pale baby pink, with a slight peachy undertone and its perfect for a french manicure shade. Very simple but chic and understated so ideal for work or when you want your nails looking manicured but low key.

Eyeko polishes apply perfectly and give a smooth finish and are such good quality for the price and the packaging is so cute. Eyeko Pastel Polish is priced at £3.50 and available from http://www.eyeko.com/ - dont forget to enter my code at the checkout E6670 to receive a free gift with your order :) Have you tried Eyeko polishes?



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