Monday 25 October 2010

ASOS by Ciate "Lauren" Inspired Nails

Today's Nail of the Day is 'Lauren' by Ciate for ASOS and has been inspired by Lauren Conrad after reading her new Style Book.

The Blue nail polish trend was huge over Summer and it is still going to be seen for the coming Spring. Lauren Conrad has been seen sporting navy nails and also baby powder blue. The darker shades of blue look best on nails that are kept neatly filed short and with a square tip.

I'm a huge fan of the Ciate polishes and have featured them several times, they are great quality, long-lasting and give a flawless finish. I absoutely adore the cute bottles with the bow. I got this polish in the ASOS sale for £1 and couldn't resist buying it! I was a little miffed that I also ordered 'Megan' in the same range which looked a perfect shade of pink but it was out of stock and didnt arrive with my order this morning.

For all of you Lauren Conrad fans - you can watch exclusive behind the scene video footage of Lauren's style shoot for her new book right on perfectly polished - the video is in my right side bar! My review of Lauren's Style Book will be coming shortly :)

Are you a fan of the blue nail polish trend?

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  1. Very cute, I do love blue nails. What is it with ASOS and not delivering stuff you've ordered though? Has happened to me twice recently - could just be a coincidence, but it's starting to put me off them.


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