Saturday 9 October 2010

Alva Crystal-Deo Intensive Spray

The last couple of weeks I have been testing out a couple of natural beauty products from Alva - which if you’re not familiar with Alva it is a natural and organic beauty supplier which you can read more about here.

Alva is a company that produces a range of natural and organic skincare & make up products, which are free from potentially nasty ingredients like parabens and SLS. Their products are also not tested on animals with the majority having organic certification as well. Alva were kind enough to send me two products to test out which I have been doing over the last few weeks: a natural clay mask (which I shall talk about in a separate post) and a natural deodorant.

I have read a lot of literature about underarm deodorants containing harmful chemicals and alarmingly causing a bigger risk to cancer (but isn’t everything bad for you these days?) I’m always on the lookout for natural or organic beauty products that work well, but to date I have tried a few different crystal natural deodorant but I have found them not only expensive but disappointingly don’t work well.

There are several different types of deodorant on offer on the Alva website, I chose the Crystal-Deo Intensive Spray which is alcohol free and contains Aloe Vera. It is not tested on animals, preservative free, paraben free and contains no alcohol and no aluminium chlorohydrate.

‘This neutral unfragranced aluminium-free and alcohol-free crystal deo spray effectively fights odour courtesy of the himalayan crystal salt, whilst excessive underarm wetness is curbed by virtue of potassium alum. offering 24 hour protection with no white residue and staining, this deodorant is guaranteed to be reliable and extremely gentle on the skin.’

Active Ingredients:

orange water, aqua, aloe vera, witch hazel water, potassium alum, himalayan crystal salt, rose water, glycerin, natural emulsifying agents, potassium sorbate

It comes in a glass bottle so you can clearly see how much product you have left which is a bonus, but the glass is quite heavy for travelling. The spritz pump-action type bottle I found a lot of product sprays out in one spray and therefore takes a while to dry, it certainly doesn’t dry instantly like my usual Dove one. It is really gentle on the skin, doesn’t sting but has no smell. The real test with a deodorant is when you wear black clothing, and I can report that this doesn’t leave any annoying white marks or stains.

Priced at £8.50 it is more expensive than my usual £1 Dove deodorant but I find that usually with organic or natural products they tend to be more expensive, maybe the more popular natural products become, the more affordable they shall become.

Have you tried any products from Alva?

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  1. I can't wait to try some alva products!!! x


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