Sunday 10 October 2010

Eyeko Indigo Polish (for sultry nails)

Todays Nails of the Day are Eyeko Indigo Polish (for sultry nails) which is a stunning shimmery, deep, midnight navy blue which looks the best on short neat nails. Eyeko polishes apply perfectly and give a smooth finish and are such good quality for the price. It was really difficult to capture how beautiful this polish is on camera:
With Flash

Without Flash

Eyeko Military Polish is priced at £3.50 and available from - dont forget to enter my code at the checkout E6670 to receive a free gift with your order :) Have you tried Eyeko polishes?



  1. What a gorgeous colour, I've never actually seen any Eyeko polishes in the flesh. Must be looking in the wrong places. x

  2. gorgeous colour, this one is deffo one to get! without a doubt, totally my cup of tea x


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