Friday 20 July 2012

Label.m Therapy Age Defining Range

With the weather this summer being so changeable your hair will need nourishment to help battle the elements which is where label.m’s first luxury prescriptive sub-range 'Therapy Age Defining' will come in handy with its moisturising White Caviar properties.

Comprising four essential, restorative products - label.m Therapy Age-Defying is formulated using expert knowledge to deliver youth-enhancing results. An intensively tested combination of ingredients that are infused with renowned White Caviar, technologically advanced, this Sulphate-free range works to rehabilitate age-challenged hair - by helping to deliver a look of youthful restoration, replenish loss of hydration, as well as working to rejuvenate hair which has become seriously brittle and lack luster.

The mention of 'anti ageing' properties doesn't mean this range hasn't been designed specifically for mature ladies, it means the longer your hair the older it shall be, especially on the ends and this range helps counter the five signs of Hair Ageing. The affects of hair ageing lies not only with inevitable chronology and maturity, since as we get older - the follicles produce hair which is finer and less voluminous, but there are three key factors which sum up the acceleration of follicle decline: Environmental, Thermal and Chemically-assisted. Therefore it’s possible that a 20 year old can actually have the chronological ‘hair’ age of someone who is 60!

The Five signs of Hair Ageing:

1.  Coarseness : It boosts collagen to smooth and reduce coarseness.
2.  Thinness :  It strengthens thin hair with volume-building proteins.
3.  Dryness : It has moisture retention properties to combat dryness.
4.  Weakness : It reinforces fragile hair and minimises breakage.
5.  Dullness : It gives dull or greying hair increased luminosity and revitalised shine

I love the chic luxurious silver matt versus purple gloss packaging, which looks more like a skincare range than a haircare range, and the pump action bottles are really handy to disperse the products in the shower. The products have a pleasant fruity scent that does linger in the hair once dry and the products contain White Caviar, European Sweet Chestnut, African Baobab Tree, Iron Rose Crystal. The shampoo and conditioner are on the pricey side but a little goes a long way as the products are so concentrated. My hair is quite weak and damaged on the ends from using heat and of course dying and using bleach! have been using this range for the past week, and after the first wash I noticed my hair felt much stronger, healthier and super shiny, especially on the ends. I left my hair to dry naturally and normally it would turn frizzy, but after using these products my hair was smooth and much less coarse.

Therapy Age-Defying Shampoo (200ml) costs £13.75; Therapy Age-Defying Conditioner (150ml) costs £16.50; Therapy Age-Defying Protein Cream (50ml) costs £17.50; Therapy Age-Defying Recovery Mask (120ml) costs £17.50 all available from  Look and specially selected salons nationwide. Are you a label.m fan?

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