Tuesday 17 July 2012

Victoria's Secret Opens First London Store!

I have been waiting for so long for Victoria's Secret to open in London after discovering the store in New York many years ago and today it has been revealed that their first store will be opening in London Westfield Stratford just in time for Olympics on 24th July. The flagship store on New Bond Street store will open shortly afterwards but no exact date has been confirmed yet. 

Are you excited to get your hands on a little pink Victoria's Secret bag? 



  1. I am sooo excited I have been waiting for this store to open since I heard about it last year, let's hope it lives up to the amazing US stores!

  2. Wow! amazing.... i never knew about this until now!!!! I hope the prices compare to the US store and they are not ridiculously expensive in the UK.

  3. I live in the US and I love Vicky's Secret! I'm glad they're branching out!

  4. If you look i cosmo they have an article on vs its going to be basically what they charge in dollars but in pounds. And i asked on there facebook page and they said to keep checking nothing has been announced yet. You could call westfields,but i wouldnt make arrangements until you are positive.

  5. I cannot wait for this! I think they need to bring a store to Bristol too ;) I really hope they don't do an Abercrombie/ Hollister and be stupid expensive over here --- I'll probably still buy things but still, it would be nice if they didn't!

  6. Body by Victoria is £45,Bombshell is £49.50,Dream Angels £45.
    They have made a perfume for the opening its called. London,new bond street no 111
    its a tantalising cocktail of mandarin neroli flower and violet leaves.
    I emailed customer service to ask if there would be a uk website,and they said no,so if we want clothes we still have to order from the usa.
    The article in cosmo is on page 167 in augusts cosmo.
    If you have facebook or twitter then i suggest you like them as it will be announced in those places. The events tab has no events and an opening woud always be on the events tab.

  7. If only they'd open one in Dublin :( Oh well, London as a LOT closer to home, hopefully it won't be super expensive! xx

  8. I'm so excited for y'all! I love my VS.


  9. That is so cool!! I live in the US and take for granted how many there are here. They are everywhere!! I always get fun things for my friends who are getting married ;)

    -Emily <3


  10. I'm so excited for this, i really hope they'll have an online store too for the UK!

    Elle xx


  11. I'm excited of course! It seems i can't stop buying lingerie at the moment, even though there's no man to show it to! hahah!

  12. beautiful from beginning to the end.you captured their day perfectly.really pretty detail too!I love how you always get such fun emotional shots!


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