Thursday 5 July 2012

July LUX Box

LuxBox is a new luxury beauty and grooming box for both men and women launched 2 months ago, I reviewed last month's box here and I was surprised with this month's LuxBox this morning! LuxBox search for the best products from classic, niche and upcoming brands to bring you the latest trends and finest products on the market. For £10 a month plus £2.95 postage and packaging you will receive 5 luxury beauty miniatures direct to your door to try for yourself at home and you have the freedom to cancel the subscription at any time. 

LUX BOX have some serious competition with the Beauty Boxes already on the market: GLOSSYBOX and She Said BeautyGLOSSYBOX is well-established in the market and is the most popular at the moment in the UK meaning it can bring you exciting Limited Edition boxes, full sized products, competitions and parties. Although She Said Beauty has only been around for 5 months it has been hugely popular and has some exciting plans to be revealed in the Summer ;) I haven't yet tried Jolie Box,  although I tried the last Boudoir Prive box before they merged and wasn't very wowed unfortunately. 

So onto the new LUX BOX.... first of all I adore the packaging and it has to be my favourite packaging of all the Beauty Boxes on the market. The box comes delivered inside a plain brown cardboard box which makes it discrete and less likely to catch the eye of your postman if he/she has sticky fingers! The box is a chic looking dusty pink/grey box which is a nice size and can be re-used as a sturdy storage box and inside black tissue and shredded paper with a pink sticker. So what's in this month's box?

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Daily Face Cream (worth £7.50)
I have tried a First Aid Beauty unscented body wash before that I received in another beauty box and was impressed and this Face Cream is also just as lovely. FAB products are free of Parabens, Harsh Chemicals, Colours, Fragrance, Phthlates and other potentially irritating ingredients so is safe for sensitive skin. FAB Products are infused with a blend of Licorice Root, White Tea and Feverfew. This is a nice light yet rich cream that made my skin feel super soft and smooth and hydrated without being greasy and made a perfect base for under makeup and non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores. This is a generous size sample and will be great for taking in my hand luggage when travelling. 

Green People Eco Eye Trio in Earth (*full size* worth £18.40)
This is a nice eye shadow trio in the shade 'Earth' that comes boxed with a sponge applicator. I am not a huge fan of mineral makeup as I find the colours are not very well pigmented or can be messy to apply. This eye shadow is certified organic and contains nourishing jojoba and sunflower and made without parabens, petrochemicals and do not clog pores.  

Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser (*full size* worth £5.50)
 I have tried quite a few Murad products now and have been impressed with how well they work and I believe I have received Murad cleansers quite a few times now in different beauty boxes but I don't mind as I love trying out new skincare! This cleanser fights two stubborn skin concerns: blemishes and aging and will look forward to trying this. 

Kelly Edwards Skincare Exfoliating Cream (worth £3.60)
This is a brand I haven't heard of previously, but I'm happy to receive this exfoliating cream facial scrub that promises to gently buff away dead skin cells and unblock pores to promote a glowing complexion. It is suitable for all skin types and vegans.  

Delicious Teeth Tooth Cleanser (*full size* worth £3.99)

This toothpaste comes in a huge pump action bottle developed by Dr Susan Tanner and comes in the flavour English Peppermint. The toothpaste contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel, Sodium Bicarbonate to help restore natural whiteness and Xylitol known to help prevent cavities and reduce plaque formation. Toothpastes are pretty boring but it's something we use twice a day so it's good to find a good one! What makes this toothpaste stand out is the unique blend of natural essential oils that make their toothpaste taste delicious! 

I totted up the value of the products in this month's box and it comes to £38.99 which is really good considering the box costs just £10 plus £2.95 P&P. This month's box contained three full size items and I am most excited about trying the Murad cleanser, FAB Face Cream and the Toothpaste! What do you think to LUX BOX? Have you signed up to any Beauty Boxes subscription services? 


  1. I'm curious abuot that toothpaste, it's a unique product in a sample box! For the rest though, it's alla products that have been featured in one or more box already :(

  2. oOooo what great products! wish they had this in the US!

  3. I've got those toothpastes in the two mint flavours, brazillian lime and scicilian lemon. They are ok - effective enough but I never quite feel I get the deep clean you get from Colgate total! It looks like a fairly average box - not really anything "luxe" about it!

  4. ive never heard of this box before, especially as it contains brands that I've never even heard of before :} im intrigued now! xx


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