Thursday 12 July 2012

Summer Hair Trends from Lisa Shepherd London

Last month I attended a Bloggers Summer Hair Trend Event at Lisa Shepherd London Salon. This Summer the hottest trend from the high street to the beach is all about the vintage headscarf. Whether nautical, rocky or classically cool Hermes, this is definitely the look of the season. We caught up with Jason Cocking, celebrity hairdresser for a gossip over a cosmo cocktail, cakes and donuts and he shared his four favourite ways to rock the retro headscarf and showed us how to re-create the looks at home.

Pretty Plait using a vintage head scarf
Holiday Honey using a Vintage headscarf
Festival Femme Fatale:

“Great for day old hair, spray the roots of your hair with the fantastic Batiste dry shampoo to give it staying power. They have some fantastic fragrances on offer now – perfect for that in-between wash - Cherry is a particular favourite with my staff. Work the hair into a high top pony, knotting the scarf at the base, then backcomb the hair. Next, wrap the hair and scarf around the band, like a donut, or if hair is fine just wrap. Secure with a couple of grips if necessary.”

Celebrity Inspiration: Kim Kardashian with a festival twist

Holiday Honey:

“This style is perfect for beach hair – whether you’re in Brighton or Barbados. After a day at the beach with the seawater spray, or cheating with a spritz of Bumble & Bumble’s surf spray, you’re hair will be perfect to style. With a fine mist of Batiste’s dry shampoo at the root, for volume, fold the scarf to create a triangle, scoop the hair with your thumb and fingers, popping it into a pony. Then, rather than adding a band, knot the scarf to secure, letting the hair fall down.”

Celebrity Inspiration: Katy Perry 

Contemporary Vintage:

“For that that sexy vintage look, start by backcombing your hair. A sprinkle of Clynol Powder Punch at the roots will add volume and give the hair staying power. Then, pull the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and push up, this gives you the height you need for this ‘Swinging Sixties’ style. Use the scarf as a headband, loosely tying it to just cover your forehead, and leaving you the option to puck the pony underneath. Vintage? Voila!” 

Celebrity Inspiration: Nicole Richie

Prettier Plaits:

“Use the scarf as a headband and pull the hair underneath to the side. Split the hair into three
sections and plait normally. Knot the ends, leaving a little length, to backcomb in disheveled boho style.”

Celebrity Inspiration: Blake Lively

What do you think to the summer head scarf trend? Will you be re-creating any of these looks at home?

Lisa Shepherd 
24 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JP
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  1. LOVE the plait with the scarf. I will definitely be doing this! xxx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing !!

    Love Storm

  3. I love the scarf plaited into your hair! I also have those earrings as well! ;-)


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