Tuesday 3 July 2012

TOWIE Make Up Secrets: Debbie Douglas

Royal Ascot Make Up & Hair by Hannah
TOWIE's Debbie after Hannah has worked her Make Up Magic!
I recently met the lovely Hannah Ostrowicz who is a makeup artist from Essex and she has been working with a few of the girls from The Only Way Is Essex for the past two series. As each of the lovely ladies she works with have quite individual styles, I asked Hannah if she would like to do a series of guest posts on each of the girls individual looks sharing behind the scene make up secrets and TOWIE beauty tips. Last week's blog post was on Lydia Bright's Makeup and this week it is her Mum, Debbie Douglas's makeup.

We all know Debbie's trademark is her red lips and wild hair, but occasionally, I'm given the chance to prise the red away and work my magic. Debbie doesn't often have her makeup and hair done for the show. I usually do it for events outside of TOWIE. Red lips are a tricky makeup subject. They can end up messy, uneven, the edges can bleed! There's also the age-old tale that you should find the 'perfect-red-for-you'. This, my lovelies, is a load of makeup rubbish. What if your 'perfect shade' is an orange based red, and one day, you feel like wearing a vibrant red dress? What shade of red you wear depends on lots of things. As long as your liner and lipstick match, and the rest of your makeup is applied accordingly (i.e., do NOT wear heavy smokey eyes with red lips) you'll be fine! I love Makeup Forever lip liners. They're so easy to apply, are long lasting, and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. If you want to be extra safe, use a lip sealer (Lipcote from Superdrug) over the top of your lippie. 

I've been lucky enough to coax Debbie out of her comfort zone a few times too! My favourite times were my glam, 60s inspired look. I lined her eyes heavily with black liner and put some spidery, twiggy-like Eylure lashes on her! Then, instead of her usual red lipstick, I used MACs Morange (My Favourite!). I backcombed her hair into a beehive and put it into a lovely swirly up do with a sweeping side fringe at the front. She looked absolutely gorgeous! My second favourite was for the Royal Ascot last week. I straightened her hair, lashed her up with individual lashes and put a bright pink lipstick Collection 2000 lipstick on her!

A tip for mature skin, don't go too powdery. A youthful glow is achieved by having moisturised skin. Dry skin shows up even the finest of lines no matter what age. Imagine a raisin, and a grape. What is the raisin lacking to make it wrinkled? MOISTURE! So for the day, always use a great day cream with SPF. Use a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation, and a highlighter. You could even go so far as to use a cream blusher too. Make your lips look fuller with gloss.Are you a fan of Debbie's Make Up? If you have any questions on Debbie's Make Up then leave them in the comments below and I can pass them onto Hannah to answer. 

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