Monday 20 February 2012


This morning I had a nice early wake-up call when the postman delivered the February GLOSSYBOX arrived!  As last month's special Valentine Limited Edition box was sent out a little later than usual it seems to have come around quicker than normal but it's nice to see the olde pale pink boxes back as it's been a while! GLOSSYBOX is subscription package that sends you a box of 5 luxury beauty samples beautifully wrapped to your door to try out each month for the price of £10 per month + postage & packaging then if you like you are able to buy the full size product discounted. It's a lovely little treat each month and they make wonderful gifts for a beauty lover that likes to discover new trends or new brands. 

This month's box is The Fashion Week Edition - 5 fabulous essentials to keep you looking your fashionable best. London Fashion Week is the most glamorous week of the year, as well as the most gruelling for models, designers, editors, bloggers and professional party-goers. As any fashion-week veteran can tell you, surviving the early mornings, long days and late nights whilst looking absolutely fabulous is all about preparation, darling! 

So what's in this month's box:

DUWOP Venom Gloss in buttercup (Value £7.62)
A lovely nude plumping lip gloss with a cinnamon scent - a nice handbag size to carry around to use throughout the day. 

IMPRESS BY BROADWAY NAILS Press on Manicure (Value £17.40)
These are the only full size product in the box this month but I can't get over the price - £17.40 seems expensive for press on nails! However I'm very excited to try these out - I have used press on nails many times before but haven't seen any that you just peel off the sticker on the back and press them on - simple as that! I love the packaging mimicking a nail polish bottle and these nails promise to give salon results - so in that sense I guess they are cheaper than going to a Salon. I'm interested to see if they have the same holding power as using nail glue. I received the Classic French Manicure stick ons but I am intrigued to try the Red as they look fabulous!

AWAPUHI By Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Treatment Oil (Value £6.49)
I am a huge fan of the AWAPUHI range by Paul Mitchell and have been enjoying using the Wild Ginger Hair Treatment. I think the range is great quality and smells amazing. This treatment oil has the same gorgeous sweet gingery scent that reminds me very much of Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. My hair at the ends is parched due to bleaching and I am currently trying out several different hair oils so this is a welcome edition and I'm very happy that this has been included in the box. I tried a little of the oil this morning on the ends of my hair and its non-greasy, lightweight, absorbs quickly and left a nice silky texture and shine. I would say it's more like a serum than an oil.  

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Dusty Road (Value £3.50)
I have heard of this brand before but I don't believe I have tried any of the make up before now. This brand is cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans and this eye shadow doubles as a highlighter. I received an award winning pure mineral eye shadow in the shade Dusty Road which is a lovely warm antique gold which is my kind of shade. The only thing I tend to dislike about Mineral Makeup is that is can be messy so I'd always suggest opening these little pots on some newspaper to avoid them going all over your carpet! 

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Shower Gel (Value £3.33)
I received a COMO SHAMBHALA Body Lotion in my first Glossybox and I loved it! I actually used it as a foot cream as the scent was quite over-powering for me to use as a body lotion but I found it super hydrating. This month I received the shower gel which contains a blend of essential oils: eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and peppermint that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood. It has that spa-like scent which is very refreshing and awakening I shall enjoy using this on a morning to perk me up as I am certainly not a morning person!

The star items this month for me are the press on manicure, the hair oil and the shower gel. I have roughly totted up the value of the items and it comes to £38.34 so great value considering the box costs £10 plus P&P you always end up getting at least 4 times the value of products inside. To order or find out more about GLOSSYBOX you can visit here. The Glossybox team are working on something Special for March's box - the Mystery Box - so keep your eyes pealed for that! Were you pleased with your Glossybox this month?


  1. I keep coming across post reviews for Glossybox. Although I haven't given in to temptation, it's getting harder lol. Thanks for a fab review x

  2. As usual I got the worst items. I would love to try out the nails, but I got some stupid oils... :(

  3. Seen so many posts on glossy box but still havent signed up. I think i would be too disappointed if I didnt like any of the products! Still cant decide xx :o)

  4. I got a lavender spray-on hand sanitizer instead of the nails and a different color eye shadow and a different paul mitchell product. Not a bad box this month.

  5. I got a rubbish box this month! A curly hair treatment when my hair is straight as a rod, and some really stinky lotion and soap! Only good thing was the gloss for me :( Would have loved the nails. Tempted to unsubscribe...

  6. i tried my hardest not to read this post as i like my box being a surprise... but i failed and gave in! I hope mine arrives soon :) x x x

  7. im so jealous. hope we have something similar to glossybox too!!! i hope u review the duwop gloss!

  8. I got exactly the same as yours except I got the red coloured nails. I really like this months box, I'm excited to try Duwop's lip vemon, something I've been wanting to try for ages. x

  9. still cannot decided to sign up or not!!!

  10. i hated this month's box. i got the same eyeshadow in black. BLACK. seriously? glossybox knows i like bright colours, it was on the beauty profile. also on the beauty profile was hair type. i have straight hair, and i was sent the curly hair treatment. i got a shower gel worth £2, and another body lotion. i wish glossybox would stop sending body lotions, theyre just piling up in my cabinet cos i never use them. the last item was the same lipgloss, and that's no use cos i always have dark, bright lips i never go for nudes/light pinks. i totted up the box's worth and it came to about £20 - half the value of yours - and i wont use any of the products so just a waste of money. i want to unsubscribe, but that "mystery box" is just too tempting im scared to miss out!..ahhh just realised how long that was. sorry!

  11. My box is worth £18, I'm sure giving people drastically different value boxes must be rather dodgy legally.

  12. ooh I'm so excited to get my glossybox, i really want the imPRESS manicure, hope I get it too *fingers crossed*!!

  13. I'm personally not a big fan of this months glossy box, I got almost everything the same... my nails were bright yellow, pink crazy style and look amazing but they don't actually stay on my nails :-( xxxxx

  14. I got the different products but unfortunetly I didn't like any of them
    I'm giving the box away on my blog

  15. this was my first Glossy Box, I got the Dr Bonner Lavender hand sanitiser which is lovely (full size), the Becca Beach Tint lip & cheek stain in Watermelon (gorgeous smell & full size worth £20!!), I also got what was in the above box(& yet to try)- Paul Mitchell hair oil, BM eyeshadow in a purply colour and COMO SHAMBHALA shower gel. I am very impressed!! I got it with the offer posted so it was £5 + P&P...I am a happy bunny!! Can't wait for the Harrods box!!


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