Monday 20 February 2012

Thinking Slimmer Week 2

So as you know two weeks ago my mum began her Thinking Slimmer weight-loss programme and as part of this we shall be ditching the scales and measuring her with a measuring tape instead each Monday! You can read more about Thinking Slimmer and my mum's mission to loose 3 stone without going on a diet here

Last week Monday Measurements she lost 3 inches from her waist however this week she hasn't been as . Although she still carried on religiously listening to the Slim Pod each night before bed, with it being half term holidays my mum has been off work and relaxing and going out to lunch so she hasn't been as strict with eating healthier. 

She has been out twice for lunch and this included having Fish and Chips and she has also had a couple of deserts! She definitely hasn't been drinking enough Green Tea or water as she should.

Monday Measurements (Week 2)  20/02/12:

Waist= 41 inches
Hips = 42.5 inches
Bust = 39.5 inches
Thighs = 23 inches
Arms = 12.5 inches

Although it's quite disappointing she has not lost anything this week, at least she hasn't gained anything! I am hoping that not loosing anything this week will make her more determined for this coming week. 

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  1. you know what... this is a great thing to do... and I think that she will make a progress whit a support and encouragement. She has to see that she didnt gain weight and to start with litlle steps to start loosing weight... I am sending lots of love for both of you!!!


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