Sunday 5 February 2012

Organic Surge Skincare Review

As you all know I love any organic or natural skincare as I don't like using any harsh chemicals on my skin so Organic Surge is perfect for me as all their products are free from Parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances and are known as 'your skin's best friend'. I was aware of the brand as I have been loving their bath products recently, especially their foaming Lavender Meadow bubble bath which is super calming and relaxing but not too over powering of lavender. Last week I was given some of their skincare (Kiss & Makeup cleansing wipes, First Class Mask & Super-intensive daily moisturiser) to try which I also have been enjoying using, particularly the face mask and moisturiser. 

Kiss & Makeup Cleansing Wipes
I am not a huge fan of using face wipes I prefer to wash my face but I will use them occasionally if I'm in a rush or if I'm travelling for ease. The Kiss and Make-up cleansing wipes are suitable for sensitive skin and removes make-up, refreshes and moisturisers in one sweep. They come in a pack of 25 wipes and are in nice luxurious rose packaging and are fully biodegradable meaning they are environmentally friendly. I have enjoyed using these to remove my make-up with as they are super soft but I always like to double cleanse and rinse my face to feel properly clean. I found the wipes to be gentle and moisturising as they didn't dry my skin out like others I have tried in the past and they are good value for money given the quality of ingredients and how they are environmentally friendly.

First Class Mask
I love face masks and pampering my skin at least 3 times a week and this mask hasn't disappointed in fact it has become my favourite face mask! The First Class mask is suitable for sensitive skin and promises to deep cleanse, nourish and re hydrate to give dull or dehydrated skin an instant boost. The past couple of weeks I have been travelling back and forth to London so my skin was definitely in need of a boost and some hydrating. The mask contains organic rosemary, lemon oil, chamomile and marshmallow to soothe and smells very spa-like. 

The mask comes in a hygienic light-weight pump action bottle and is almost a gel/cream consistency which a gorgeous rich texture and feels amazing on the skin. I smoothed the mask over my face avoiding the eye area and left on for 30 minutes before rinsing off (the instructions say 5 minutes) but I wanted to feel pampered and wanted a more intensive treatment. I gently patted my skin dry using a warm towel then applied the Organic Surge super-intense daily moisturiser. Afterwards my skin felt pumped, refreshed and super soft - winner! 

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser 
'Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser nourishes, conditions, repairs and rehydrates dry skin. For skin that needs an extra surge of moisture this intensely hydrating cream is packed with natural humectants for the ultimate boost to restore dryness. Organic rose geranium essential oil is key to restoring skin balance and reviving a dull complexion. With the additional benefits of Aloe Vera to repair, sooth and moisturise, skin will feel and look super soft.' 

Although this is a daily super intensive moisuriser is it quite a thick creme but does sink in quickly but I have been using it as a night creme as my usual Elemis Night creme has just finished. It is lightly lavender scented which is ideal to use at night time as its so relaxing and smells very spa-like. The packaging is sleek and modern and the creme comes in a heavy glass jar. I love that it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and helps boost skin's natural rejuvenation cycle whilst containing essential oils for softening skin. 

Kiss & Makeup Cleansing Wipes cost £3.49, First Class Mask costs £8.99 and Daily Moisturiser costs £8.99 are all available from Organic Surge. Have you tried anything from Organic Surge?     


  1. I love Organic surge, ive been using it for 2 years and it literally eliminated my eczema, i used to have red patches of skin on my arms for years and after a week it went using their showergel, they are so affordable and amazing, wish more people would try organic and the difference can be immense...thanks for highlighting the brand I love xx

  2. I'm always on the look out for skincare brands with organic products. The First Class mask looks really nice and I think I might give it a try as chamomile and marshmallow have been helping my skin in other products recently. Thanks for a great review! :)


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