Wednesday 22 February 2012

Montezuma's Real Chocolate Box Club

With all the Beauty Boxes on the  market at the moment I thought I would post about something a little different: Montezuma's Real Chocolate Box Club! Montezuma's is monthly subscription service that delivers gourmet good quality chocolates from their Brighton shop straight to your door. The concept is simple, they send a very generous 600g of chocolates which includes three chocolate slabs and a section of truffles all nicely presented in a box for your enjoyment at home. 

The club costs £19.99 per month which includes P&P, and you can sign up for a month, or for how long you wish, or send as a gift which would make the best gift ever for a chocolate lover! The chocolate box is designed to slip through the letterbox and doesn't require a signature, so there is no waiting around for them to be delivered. The box is stylish but simple that emphasises the contents and not how much they spend on packaging and printing.  

Each month the Montezuma's team dream up new flavors which are often inspired by a food theme and they are all as gorgeous as they sound! I was sent the February Chocolate Box which contained a nice selection of handmade chocolates with a 'Love' theme, made by Gill who says to enjoy them before May - but they definitely won't last until then in fact I have worked my way through most of the box already ;) 

TEZCA: Venezuelan Milk Chocolate Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon Bar with Milk Chocolate Banana Crunch Truffles. 

YUMKA: Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Bar with Dark and White Chocolate Strawberry Champagne Heart Truffles. 

HUITZU: Mixed Venezuela Milk and Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar with Milk Chocolate Coffee and Biscuit Truffles.  

The Tezca is a play on Apple Strudel replacing pastry with chocolate and was delicious! Normally I'm not keen on banana flavored treats but the Banana Crunch truffles were surprisingly good, they were subtly flavored and tasted like fresh banana. I enjoyed the peppermint bar and the Strawberry Champagne Heart Truffles were gorgeous are were my favourites they were creamy and contained real pieces of strawberry inside. 

For more information and to order your own box you can visit Montezumas mmmm...


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