Friday 17 February 2012

Review: Kyoku for Men Skincare

My dad, like many men, has never had a skincare routine - for years he has used soap and a razor that's about it. He refuses to try a moisturiser and won't wear sun cream despite my constant nagging! However where shampoo and body products are concerned he will happily use whatever of mine he finds in the bathroom, even my expensive hairdresser shampoo :( He seems to prefer girly scents over the typical 'man' scented products. I had to laugh once he thought he picked up my shampoo but it was in fact my fake tan! 

Recently he agreed to try out the Kyoku skincare range for men and for the first time ever stick to a skincare routine. Designed specially for men's skin by Asim Akhtar, Kyoku for Men products combine cutting-edge skincare technology with effective natural ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea leaf, bamboo, chamomile and avocado oil. Kyoku for Men incorporates ancient Japanese knowledge of the active properties in natural extracts with up to the minute scientific research, resulting in the ultimate grooming line for the active urban lifestyle. Inspired by the ancient Japanese ritual of Kirei but adapted for contemporary use, Kyoku men's grooming keeps it simple, take just 5 minutes a day for yourself and perform the 3 rituals: Cleanse to clean away the dirt and oils of daily life; Scrub to get rid of blackheads and prevent blemishes and fuel to hydrate skin to give a stronger, more chiseled appearance. Kyoku mens grooming products offer a no fuss solution, that'll fit easily into your lifestyle.

Skin After
Skin before
Kyoku Daily Facial Cleanser (£19) contains ginseng, camellia leaf, peppermint, calendula, sunflower oil and oat straw extract to penetrate pores and   create a clean, healthy environment that promotes skin call regeneration.  

Kyoku Sake Infused Shave Creme (£25) (sensitive skin) contains japanese sake to soften skin while silicone mirco particles provide a slick, cushioned surface for a close and calming shave. Best to apply to wet skin using fingertips or a shaving brush, let rest for 2 minutes and proceed to shave then rinse off.

Kyoku Daily Moisturiser (£43) contains SPF 15, bamboo, avocado oil, green tea leaf, aloe vera, plankton and vitamin E combined to keep skin looking young, protected and extraordinarily smooth. 

My dad has been regularly using the daily facial cleanser, the shaving cream and the daily moisturiser for the past few weeks and is impressed! He likes the shaving cream as it gave a very smooth and closer shave than using his normal soap and water technique, however he did not like the scent very much he would of preferred a perfumed scent! He thought it was the Sake in the cream that was quite over-powering and said he wouldn't use this cream with his shaving brush. He has enjoyed using the cleanser and mosituriser and noticed a difference after the first day as his skin felt much softer. I have noticed a huge improvement in the texture of his skin and his skin looks cleaner and hydrated. The black and white simple packaging is very sleek and quite distinctive and looks chic on the bathroom shelf.

Would you be interested in hearing about more male grooming items? Now I have converted my dad into a skincare routine I'm sure he will be happy to test out some more products ;) You can find the Kyoku for men range from House of Frazer, Beauty Bay or Look Fantastic. Have you tried Kyoku before?


  1. I think I missed that post because od the title really. Perhaps put in the title. 'Kioky for men : reviewed by ... my dad! '
    "However where shampoo and body products are concerned he will happily use whatever of mine he finds in the bathroom," -> hahahahahahahahahaha
    This is so nice of him to try and review the product for us. The before and after are amazing. It just goes to show that the most basic thing you can do really is moisturise really. This stuff has like no anti ageing whatsoever and I cannot believe how much smoother his skin is afterwards.
    Let's find him something he likes the smell of next time. it would be nice for him.
    Talking of moisturisation, this has been one of my new year resolution: moisturise more. So I have been using a moisturiser for the night since the end of December and even a blooming serum before my day moisturiser. The difference in how I feel about my skin is just surreal.

  2. We love Kyoku products in our house! The face scrub and volcanic face mask are our favourite products. :D


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