Thursday 23 February 2012

Marilyn Monroe MAC Collaboration

I haven't been that bothered about any MAC Collections for a while to be honest but I was excited to hear that MAC shall be bringing out a Marilyn Monroe Collection! MAC shall celebrate Marilyn's legacy and the iconic Hollywood inspired range shall feature 30 products including Lipsticks, eye shadows, Nail Polishes and Eyeliners. There surely has to be a red lipstick and black eyeliner included in the collection - I wonder if the packaging will be retro inspired? 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"  Marilyn Monroe

I shall keep you updated when I know more but this collection won't be launched until October 2012. I can't wait, can you?! Are you a Marilyn Fan?

The Marilyn Monroe for MAC collection will be priced between £9.50-£17 available from Selfridges and Debenhams


  1. They could have called it norma jane to be a little different xx

  2. This sounds exciting! Definitely agree with you on there having to be a red lipstick and black liner xx

  3. This should be an interesting collection. Does Marilyn Monroe have the same legendary status in the UK as in the States?

  4. sooooo exciting! i love marilyn monroe :)

  5. Can't wait! Gives me some time to save up though :D

  6. See this post has made my day. YAY :D Big love for monroe!

    wooop a

  7. Anyone know if the collection will be versions of the colours she actually wore - apparently her lippie was a Guerlain one (Rouge Insolence). No idea why they haven't released it.

  8. Gasp! I'm SO excited!!! Thanks for the heads up! I adore MAC and Marilyn Monroe! This could be epic! I hope they don't disappoint on this one though... I feel like I was almost equally as excited for the Miss Piggy Collection ~ I mean, Miss Piggy IS also quite the fashion icon! Okay... maybe not to the level of Marilyn, but... I was excited. That "collection" was a huge bummer. I'll keep my fingers crossed though! Always better to keep it positive and all. =) Thanks again!


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