Friday 10 February 2012

She Said Beauty Box only £6.75!

I know what your thinking - not ANOTHER Monthly Beauty Box subscription! Well there's been a few changes recently to the current Beauty Boxes, Boudoir Prive has changed to Jolie Box, GLOSSYBOX are offering 50% off until 13th Feb, Feel Unique have apparently cancelled their Beauty Box subscription service and there's been a couple of new Boxes have been launched! 

I know many of you beauty addicts have been enjoying subscribing to a couple of subscriptions each month for a bit of variety. With the Feel Unique news many of you have been looking for a new Beauty Box to sign up to, so thought I would tell you about the new monthly subscription box from She Said Beauty.

She Said Beauty is a monthly subscription service that contains 5 luxury beauty samples from the top brands for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home for just £9 plus P&P a month. You can discover new beauty rituals with products from skincare, treatments, face, colour, sun, hair, nails, body & fragrance with the freedom to cancel at anytime! You are also able to test, review & recommend products with like-minded people on their online social community to earn points which goes towards free boxes! 

They are offering a special 25% discount on your first box meaning it shall cost £9 only £6.75 until 27th Feb 2012! Will you be signing up to She Said Beauty? Do you subscribe to any other Beauty Boxes? 




  1. I want to try this but can't find any reviews so don't want to try it in case they are no good!

    any ideas?

    take a little peak at my blog!

  2. I looked at this box the other day, tempted to try it at 25% off x

  3. Unfortunately they do not ship to Ireland... it is becoming annoying, we're geographically so close it's kind of frustrating really.

  4. I've just stumbled across this company and found your blog through that (great blog btw!!) Anyway they have shipping onto so with the offer its £9.70

    Karen x

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