Monday 27 February 2012

Thinking Slimmer Week 3

It's three weeks since my mum began her Thinking Slimmer weight-loss programme and as part of this we shall be ditching the scales and measuring her with a measuring tape instead each Monday! You can read more about Thinking Slimmer and my mum's mission to loose 3 stone without going on a diet here 

Today she reached an important milestone : 21 days, her mind is thought to have been gently re-tuned now and is now on it's way for lasting weight loss to begin. With doing so well in her first week and last week not loosing any inches, has put pressure on her to loose the weight - but we were reminded by Sandra that it is no race as everyone progresses at a different speed! It is far more important to make permanent changes in her eating habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

From today she is starting the second part of her 42-day programme to help to start loosing weight and feel great about herself again. She has had a couple of treats and a meal out but has definitely been eating smaller portions, and has had more energy and been going on walks this week.

Monday Measurements (Week 3)  27/02/12:

Waist= 40.5 inches
Hips = 40.5 inches
Bust = 39.5 inches
Thighs = 23 inches
Arms = 12.5 inches

As you can see she has lost half an inch from her waist and an inch from her hips this week which is great! Are you also Thinking Slimmer through listening to Slim Pods?  Would love to hear how your progressing if you are! 

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