Monday 13 February 2012

Thinking Slimmer Week 1

So as you know last Monday my mum began her Thinking Slimmer weight-loss programme and as part of this we shall be ditching the scales and measuring her with a measuring tape instead each Monday! You can read more about Thinking Slimmer and my mum's mission to loose 3 stone without going on a diet here

My mum has been religiously listening to the Slim Pod each night before she goes to sleep for the past week, she finds the voice soothing and relaxing so sometimes she falls asleep mid-way through the tape but this is fine as she will still be subconsciously listening! I am impressed with how well she has done in her first week - she has not been tempted to cheat (like she normally would on a diet) and that is saying something as she has little willpower! There has been a couple of occasions when she has seen me or my niece eating chocolate and has been tempted, but she puts an imagine in her mind of how she hopes to look after she has lost the weight and has fruit instead!

Last Tues and Wed she had a headache due to her cutting out caffeine. She is drinking more water and green tea and has felt fine throughout the week. She has surprisingly had no cravings for sweet things and her hip has not been as bad. She has been eating smaller portions and more salad, and not been snacking in between meals. 

Monday Measurements (Week 1)  13/02/12:

Waist= 41 inches
Hips = 42.5 inches
Bust = 39.5 inches
Thighs = 23 inches
Arms = 12.5 inches

She has lost 3 inches from her waist in her first week so it shows that the Thinking Slimmer programme is working!

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