Thursday 6 October 2011

Gallo Wine Scented Sphinx Nail Wraps

Last season we had the scented nail polishes from Revlon, and the ever popular Nail Wraps craze, but wine producers Gallo have gone one step ahead and have teamed up with nail company Sphinx to produce the first ever scented nail wraps!
Scented Nail Wraps
Gallo have used elements of their rosé wine with aromas of plum, blueberry and cranberries which are released when the wraps are gently rubbed. They have also took inspiration from the 'Ombre' Hair Trend and the wraps come in an ombre pink design, fading from dark raspberry at the base to pale pink tips. I predict that a lot of other brands will now be launching scented nail wraps. 

Gallo and Sphinx Scented Nail Wraps cost £5.95 and are available from SphinxDo you think scented nail wraps will be the next manicure craze?


  1. Just seems gimicky

  2. I have these Revlon nail polishes and the scent doesn't last very long. I think it's going to be similar with these... :(

  3. These look really pretty and sound lovely but maybe a bit of a gimmick? :/ x

  4. it looks and sounds nice, i'll wait 4 d review first

  5. That's amazing~!! I love the creativity companies ae coming out with now ^^~
    Can't wait to see the reviews on these when they come up :D

  6. I think they did this as a publicity stunt and as a way for people to remember Sphinx products because the scent will invoke memories. Anyways great job from them.

  7. The Gallo scented sphinx nail wraps are described in the post here. Read all about it


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