Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stop Smoking Campaign

I used to work for the NHS as a project manager and spent just over a year working for the Stop Smoking Service so this campaign I feel very passionately about and thought I would share. The ‘Ex Smokers Are Unstoppable’ campaign aims to emphasize the life-changing benefits of giving up smoking. The campaign wants to encourage and assist people to quit with the help of iCoach, a free online health coach and move towards a smoke-free Europe.

The campaign provides smokers with motivation to quit and practical assistance, and highlights ex-smokers as inspiring individuals and role models who encourage current smokers to quit.  It’s completely FREE, its proven to work (over 30% who start the program quit), adapts to your needs, time and goals and gives the opportunity to have a support network.  

Check out the video above and for more information on the campaign  please visit:

What are your thoughts on smoking? Are you a smoker looking to quit? 
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