Thursday 20 October 2011

TOWIE launches Perfume 'Dazzle' & Aftershave 'Be Reem'

TOWIE Fragrance Launch
The stars of Reality TV Show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) have not only launched their own beauty range in Superdrug, but they have now brought out fragrances: ladies perfume called 'Dazzle' and a men's aftershave called 'Be Reem'. Ever wanted to smell like an Essex girl or boy? Well now is your chance!
Dazzle Perfume
The women's scent 'Dazzle' is described as an intricate blend of white florals, jasmine and a touch of amber presented in a gold diamond shaped bottle. 'Be Reem' on the other hand, is a rich, woody fragrance with citrus undertones and a touch of vanilla.

Be Reem Aftershave
TOWIE Dazzle Perfume and Reem Aftershave will launch this month in Superdrugpriced at £18.49 for 100ml. Will you be purchasing? 


  1. Towie is certainly branching into everything aren't they! First clothes, then make-up at argos, now perfume. I think the scent sounds lovely however i'm gutted how tacky the bottle looks!

  2. I'm not sure I'd buy the perfume, might have a sniff next time I'm in Superdrug though.

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