Monday 31 October 2011

Monday Manicure: Jessica GELeration Nails

Admiring my Gel Manicure (and enjoying a glass of wine!)
Today's Monday Manicure is Jessica GELeration Nails. I had this nail treatment when I was in Gibraltar at The Atlantic Suite Spa - it was on offer, being a brand new treatment to the salon, for £25 instead of £35 and since I had a £10 voucher it ended up costing only £15! Jessica Geleration is a cross between a gel nail and a long lasting nail polish and they come in a range of colours but I went with the classic French Manicure with white tips. All the Jessica products are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

My therapist was called Hannah who was lovely and we ended up having a long chat for over 2 hours just about life, men - you know the usual! I was given a quick file and tidy before Hannah buffed my nails ready for a base coat applied just like a nail polish (without the polish smell) and set under UV in a matter of seconds. She applied a layer of 'Builder' Gel Polish underneath the french manicure colours because I have neglected my nails recently they are a little weak and flaky so this helps to strengthen the nails. 

The treatment was quick and dries instantly resulting in polished immaculate looking nails (until you remove them) and should last between 3-4 weeks when you will begin to see the manicure grow out. They looked lovely, natural, super shiny and lasted a week before I chipped them which I was a little disappointed with as I have tried similar Gel Manicure systems before and they have lasted the full 4 weeks with no chipping. 

Snap of my Jessica GELeration Nails at the Beach...after a week's wear!
Gel Manicures do not damage your natural nails as long as you have them properly removed at either a salon or you can buy a home removal kit. You can paint over any nail polish colour over the gel manicure (remember to use a base coat to prevent staining) and remove it with non-acetone polish remover. I did love the Jessica GELeration Nails but was a little un-impressed with the chip - I think I need another go to make my mind up.    

For more information you can visit Have you tried Jessica GELeration? What were your thoughts? Follow me on Twitter come say hi and Tweet me a picture of your Nails of the Day :)


  1. There's something about a french manicure. So pretty ;0)

  2. I'd be interested to hear how long your last. I had a Jessica GELeration mani about 2 weeks ago and they are already chipped and starting to lift. I haven't had that with the other gel polishes like Biosculpture so I wondered if I just got a bad manicure...


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