Wednesday 19 October 2011

Primark A/W Limited Edition Range

I always love the Primark Limited Edition ranges, as there's nothing worse than seeing everyone in the same budget Primarni outfit is there! The limited edition range has some great reasonably priced items that you can update your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter on a budget. Anyone else noticed that the Primark prices are creeping up? Here are a few of my top picks:
Chain Crepe Shorts £17
Cream and Gold Shimmer Dress with tie £17
Fur (fake) trimmed Kimono £30
Satin Blouse £10
Satin Palazzo Trousers £16
The Primark A/W Limited Edition Range hits stores on 21st October 2011.


  1. OH EM GEE. As if they're from Primark! Crepe shorts?! Primark really have upped their game, about time!! :) xo

  2. Wow! Well primark upping their prices is acceptable if they're producing items like this!

  3. The shimmer dress is my new MUST-HAVE! :) Thumbs up for letting me know about it! X

  4. That satin blouse & palazzo combo will be mine! Love.

  5. It's all lovely, but how I feel about paying those prices in Primark I am unsure. It depends if their quality is also going up .. if so then it would be ok!

  6. Definitely going to head into town tomorrow!


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