Monday, 17 October 2011

Can Fish Spa Treatments Spread Disease ?

I have only had one Fish Pedicure Treatment and it was an experience! (I will do a full review if anyone is interested - let me know in the comments) At the time I questioned how hygienic it was since there were a few DEAD FISH floating at the top of the tank. I am not overly keen on feet at the best of times and didn't like the idea of putting my feet in a tank full of water (and nibbling fish!) that other people's feet had shared, however, salons say that they use UV Lit tanks to filter the water and keep them clear of disease.

Since then, I have been disgusted by reading several articles about how these fish pedicures can spread diseases as hygiene levels are below standard in some salons and the water is not regularly changed in the tanks. Experts are worried that this latest beauty craze can spread infection and disease rapidly which has prompted a health warning and The Health Protection Agency are investigating. The treatment has already been banned in 14 USA States.
Front Page of The Sun
Today I was horrified to see that the front page of The Sun Newspaper reads that this Fish Spa Treatment can spread Hepatitis C and HIV Viruses! Have you had a Fish Spa Treatment? What were your thoughts? Let me know below if you would like to read my experience or link me to yours if you have a review!
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