Tuesday 4 October 2011

Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment Review

I love hair masques and treatments, especially ones that can repair and put the moisture back into my dry/damaged hair. I have naturally curly, frizzy, chemically treated hair, which I colour, highlight, use heat etc so I am always on the lookout for products that can help reverse the damage! 

Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment
I took part in the John Lewis/Ojon trade in event last week whereby I took an empty bottle of shampoo and swapped it for a bottle of Ojon Damage Reserve Shampoo & Conditioner (worth £40) absolutely free! I visited the Newcastle John Lewis store, and the Ojon girls were very helpful and suggested the hair treatment would be good for me to try and they would send me a sample in the post as they had ran out of the stock. The girls advised to use the shampoo and conditioner just once a week as it was a rich formulation and would be too heavy on the hair to use every day and to use the treatment once a week. 

Ojon Damage Reverse
The Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment contains pure Ojon oil – a rare and powerful natural ingredient that’s rich in essential lipids similar to those found in healthy hair and formulated without preservatives, water, artificial colour and silicones.

I scooped half a teaspoon of the solid balm and warmed it up by rubbing between my hands until it transforms into oil. I distributed evenly throughout hair and scalp – a little goes a long way! I then applied gently heat from my hairdryer for a few seconds and then wrapped a warm towel and left on my hair for an hour, for a more intensive treatment you can leave this on your hair overnight. The treatment oil smells like chocolate orange...yum! I washed my hair using the Ojon Damage Reserve Shampoo – I would recommend shampooing twice to make you get all of the oil out and then I followed with the Ojon Damage Reverse Conditioner.

Solid Ojon Balm
When warmed the Solid Balm turns into Ojon Oil 
I left my hair to dry naturally and didn't apply any products – and my locks felt amazing and so much stronger and healthier afterwards! Once I straightened my hair I could see a dramatic difference in the condition of my hair – it was silky smooth and shiny. Normally if I style my hair, then sleep on it; I wake up to frizzy, unmanageable, wavy, knotted hair – what you would call ‘bed head’. This morning I was surprised to find that my hair was completely perfect - no frizz in sight, still completely straight, smooth and no knots. 

Although this product is quite pricey at £32.50, you only need to use this treatment once a week and you only need a tiny amount so I can imagine this tub is going to last a very long time. I shall be keeping up with this weekly ritual and if you too have very dry/damaged hair I would definitely recommend this product.

You can purchase Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment for £32.50 for 100ml from John LewisBoots, & House of Fraser.


  1. I too went to John Lewis to trade in my old shampoo bottle and I am very pleased with the shampoo & conditioner! My hair certainly felt softer after just one use :)

  2. This sounds amazing, I must put it on my to try list! xx


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