Friday 21 October 2011

Magic Hair Pill to Stop Hair Going Grey?

Grey Hair could be a thing of the past?

Those clever people at L'Oreal laboratories are currently developing a revolutionary new hair pill that promises to prevent hair from going grey! The supplement, based on fruit extracts, is set to launch within the next four years and ideally you would need to take it before hair goes grey as they don't believe the process can be reserved once it has started. No more Silver Foxes then? ;)

Do you embrace grey hair? Or cover grey hair with hair colour?


  1. Ooooo wow i'm excited what technology is going to be around beautywise in the coming years!.

  2. oh i think we should let ourselves grow up normally!
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  3. In regards to grey hair: make it go away, make it go away, make it go away as far as possible! I am a full believer in the wonder of hair color, personally. To be honest, I color my hair so that I can feel my age instead of feeling older. I started seeing those annoying grey hairs pop up towards the end of high school and, while it may be a genetic thing I can't control, it's not something any seventeen year old should have to deal with. At that age, growing up normally goes out the window and you're scrambling for the Clairol (or rather, asking my mother to make me an appointment with her hair dresser, who had been coloring my Mom's hair for years at that point). I'm pushing thirty now, and I look pretty good, if not younger than my age, so the hair gets colored in order to keep it youthful, as well as keeping the texture smoothed out (because my greys get super-frizzy and kinky). I wish that pill had been around when I had started seeing grey hairs; I'd have wholeheartedly embraced it! So would my mom, come to think of it, who has a standing appointment every three weeks for hair color. ;)

    Sorry for the ramble! This is a subject that's near and dear to my heart, obviously, and I can't seem to say things in brief. :)


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